Blue Square Tray - 96ct Variety Pack

  • Savory Blend: Black tea, roasted barley, apple pieces, licorice, orange peels and rosehip with vanilla, pineapple, english toffee and caramel flavours. 
  • Happy Holiday: Green tea, cinnamon pieces, lemongrass, ginger pieces, cardamom pieces, nutmeg pieces, pepper, cloves and pomegranate pieces with pomegranate flavour. 
  • Ginger Bread Man: Black tea, roasted barley, cinnamon pieces, ginger pieces and apple pieces with ginger, cinnamon and key lime flavours. 
  • Rooibos Sleigh Ride: Rooibos, cinnamon pieces, apple pieces, cloves and orange peels with soursop and orange flavours. 
  • Rooibos Candy Cane: Rooibos, peppermint leaves, orange peel, cinnamon pieces, chicory and vanilla pods with mint, vanilla and coconut flavours. 
  • Irish Holiday: Black tea, almonds, roasted barley and ginger pieces with vanilla and irish cream flavours. 
  • Cinnamon Mint: Hibiscus, cinnamon pieces, mint leaves and spearmint leaves. 
  • Mango Honey & Apple: Black tea, apple pieces and cinnamon pieces with mango, apple and honey flavours. 
  • Chocolate Cherry & Coconut: Black tea, cinnamon pieces and roasted chicory with coconut, cherry and chocolate flavours. 
  • Orange Peach & Vanilla: Rooibos, orange peels and cinnamon pieces with peach, orange and vanilla flavours. 
  • Honey Melon: Black tea, licorice and cinnamon pieces with honey and melon flavours. 
  • Spicy Pumpkin: Green tea, cinnamon pieces, ginger pieces, cardamom pieces, cloves, anise seed, nutmeg pieces, and black pepper with cinnamon, orange and melon flavours.

Collections: ETS - Gift Teas

Vendor: English Tea Shop

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